The Agape God's Love Ministry and Outreach has been in existence for 16 years.  We are a
community based church and outreach that has been instrumental in bringing broken families
back together as well as helping to change lives for the better.  Missionary Brenda Richmond,
is the Founder and President of the Free Indeed Women'
s Outreach Ministry of the Agape
God's Love Church.  
This outreach ministry has served as a lifeline to women from various walks of life
throughout the community.  Women who had been molested as a child, some abused,
incarcerated, some that lost their children to the system and were homeless, some were in
toxic relationships and involved in risky behaviors, have had their lives changed by the
outreach programs of the Free Indeed Women Ministry.
This program has been a beacon of light to so many women that lived their lives in darkness.
This program is important to the continued success of so many women it serves and to many
that will come.  We recently hosted an event "A Night of Elegance", this night was for
women to focus on the
QUEEN inside of them no matter what they have been through or
what background they may have came from.  The night was filled with positive and
motivational speaking, messages and testimonies that ministered to the needs of the women.