God's Love Church Of God In Christ
3641 Wyoming Avenue Flint, MI  48506          (810) 525-2256
Superintendent Tony C. Richmond, Pastor  & Evangelist Brenda Richmond, First Lady
Evangelist Brenda Richmond  


Evangelist Brenda Richmond began her ministry with young ladies and
women while she was still in high school.  She was always concerned for
hurting ladies and wanted to see them healed and made whole.  
Evangelist Richmond said yes to God when he told her, “I’m going to use
you as an instrument to help women get set free from bondage so they
can walk into their deliverance”. God who had set me free from  hurts,
disappointments, bondage and fears in my life. I knew that feeling of
times feeling alone however, my God came in and set me free, by his

God said to me in 2001  I want you to call women together and meet one
Saturday of the month and call the gathering Sister-2-Sister. That as
women there is a  need for them to have an outlet, and the need to be
connected to spiritual support.  It was during this time when countless
women came to the Lord, and God set them free, and they began to walk
into their destiny and into  their ministry.  Women from various parts of
the city would come just to be in the atmosphere of praise and worship.  

In 2015 the Lord spoke to me again and told me to rename the women
ministry and change the name from Sister-2-Sister to Free Indeed
Women Ministry, and God gave her the  scripture St. John 8:36,  that says,
"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed"! He said
I just don’t want the women coming together, but I truly want to see
them be free INDEED-totally and absolutely.  The Lord has allowed
Evangelist Richmond to share this anointing with women everywhere
that he has opened a door of utterance for her.  Saved at 13 years of Age
she says that her Holy Ghost fire is yet burning. To God be the glory!
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